The Cosmic Egg

Fantom was invited by CECHR – the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience to create a transformative art piece that would run alongside their global climate change conference: Transformations 2017.



To create a participatory art experience that would act as a change process, a metamorphosis of thinking. Drawing together 300 changemakers to actively let go of the old and bring in the new.


The form of the egg was chosen due to its many connotations of life, rebirth, the earth and hope. Anc ient humans believed the entire world was formed from the shell of a cosmic egg.

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willow egg.JPG
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On the first day each of the 300 participants was asked to write down on square of paper three things that held them back from altering their actions and mindset with regards to climate change. The pieces were collected and placed inside a nucleus.

Fantom ran a workshop in which the framework of the nucleus was covered in clay to seal in the pieces. During the session Fantom facilitated a discussion about the role of the arts in relation to the environment and climate change. 

Attendees used the clay to make symbols and shapes that referenced the ideas that came up during discussion before plastering them onto the frame.

As the fire died down, the clay nucleus was revealed in the centre. The baked clay was broken into pieces and distributed amongst the 300 participants to act as a reminder of the key thought: letting go of the old and creating space for the new.

Once they had taken their piece home, each participant was asked to find a patch of earth and crumble the clay into the ground. Each piece contained a selection of Scottish wildflower seeds, so that when they revisited the site in the spring, the blooming flowers would act as an individual reminder of their commitment to change and the experience they had been through as a collective.


with Thanks to

Transformations 2017 delegates, Louise Henderson and Ioan Fazey, Ninian Stewart, Kelly Hodgson and FCFS events team, Sam Docherty.
Make Assistant: Emily Martinelli


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